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Fashion isn't something that remains static. It is always on the move. If you want to look great, you will need to do all you can to keep up-to-date with all of the latest developments. We love fashion. The only thing we love more than fashion is writing about fashion. Here, you will find lots of cool articles which look at the latest trends in fashion, the coolest news from the catwalks, and some top tips which will help you to look great. We will also occasionally provide you with some general beauty tips. Read on to find out more!


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Top Holiday Nail Trends Beauty Suppliers Should Watch

The holiday season is arguably the time most businesses make a kill, and for beauty suppliers, the same is true. However, you are only going to make money and attract customers if you study the market thoroughly and know what the customer wants. One beauty area that customers are looking at is manicures. Since nail trends come and go, this article goes to great lengths to highlight key nail trends beauty suppliers must not ignore. Read on.

Maximalism -- It is one of those nail trends that keeps on giving, and there are no signs it will slow down even after the holiday season. Going by the mantra 'go big or go home,' customers that want to stand out from the crowd are going big by wearing beads, studs and long nails. For instance, long-nails have become the go-to trend for women that want to go all the way and are not afraid to express themselves. Nails affixed with beads are also a maximalist nail trend that is gaining popularity, especially with younger women. The beads and studs can be of different colours; therefore, beauty suppliers should stock them in variety.

Black Manicure -- Just like most people can't go wrong with a black dress, your clients can't go wrong with black nails. It is a trend that is making a comeback, and there is no doubt your clients are going to love it. Not only do black manicures stand out, but they also allow you to play around with various decorations. For instance, you can opt to fix the ends of black nails with diamond studs since they will look stunning and conspicuous against the black background. Moreover, you can give your clients the option of having the tips or the entire synthetic nail coloured black. The best part is that both options work well together since they create a beautiful and noticeable effect on a client's nails.

Hybrid Nail Tips -- Nail tips can be flat or pointed, and in most cases, clients wear them uniformly. However, that is changing this holiday season as young women want to look different from the rest of their peers. Hybrid nails are a trend where the client wears nails of varying points. For instance, rather than wear flat-top nails on all fingers, hybrid nails allow clients to vary their style by wearing both pointed and flat-top nails. An excellent example is a client that wears pointed nails on the thumb and small fingers and flat-top nails on the remaining fingers.